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Our Services

Devdhar Medical Store, Multi-specialty hospital covers various medical issues and provide effective medical services.
We have specialised team of doctors who has perfection in what they do. Our hospital provides 24*7 medical assistance.

Internal Medicine

The Internal medication Department provides so much reaching essential care edges. if truth be told AN patient can receive equal thought as compared to the inmate. The department is supplied with well trained doctors and advance machines to skilfully manage chronic health conditions like cardiovascular disease and polygenic disorder. the interior medication Department additionally cure acute unhealthiness like metabolic process infections and joint pains.


The Department of medical science holds specialisation in surgical process, spinal injuries, joint pains, difficult joint replacement. The department perform surgeries with advance equipments out there and took complete care of patients. Our team of doctors solve all minor and major osteoarthritic problems.

We perform methodology like pc assisted Joint Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Traumatic medical science Surgery, Hand, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Spine Surgery, body part Surface Replacement Hip Surgery, Foot and mortise joint Surgery, Total Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery among some others.


Well qualified and fully fledged team of doctors operate paediatric department. They took medical care of their patients. we offer coaching to nurses in various sub-specialties and check that that our patients received satisfactory treatment from North American nation. Our team of doctors work day and night to match the statistics of the most effective centres within the world.


We at Devdhar Medical Center implement radiological services related to Ultrasound, CT, X-Rays and Color Doppler. Our hospital is equipped with advance technological equipments in our endeavour to provide the best diagnostic output.